Factors affecting conservatory roof cost

21st October 2016

Are you thinking of investing in a new conservatory or having a roof replacement for a current one? Calculating the best route for your budget can be a minefield. Here are some factors which can affect the cost of your conservatory roof to see if it is cheaper than a replacement.

The Conservatory size will affect your spending. More surface area adds to the cost and labour it’s as simple as that.

The style of your Conservatory roof may vary according to the roof design. If you have a single plane lean roof, it will be less expensive and more complex design such as gable, Victorian or Edwardian styles.

Decorative items such as intricate ridges and gutter pipes can increase the cost of the roof. Simple conservatory designs are more affordable but you also add more styling items to the roof according to requirement and budget.

Choose materials carefully for your conservatory roof as it can affect the price. There are different types of frames available such as clear plastic, wood, tinted glass and coloured glass, you can select according to your preference. If you search online you can sometimes find better prices in order to get more for your budget.

The quality of the Conservatory roof is part dependent on the installer. Before choosing an installer ask for a recommendation or look online and check reviews and testimonials. The cheapest quote may not be the best, go for the best your money can buy.

Things to Consider While Opting Bifold Doors for your Conservatory

5th February 2016


Bifold doors also known as sliding or folding doors, serve as good alternative to French doors for your conservatory as they provide wider opening and create a more luxurious experience. When opened fully these doors provide you an option to merge garden with your conservatory. If you choose them for your conservatory then you should keep the points below in your mind:

Width of Bifold Door: When you have decided to use these doors for your conservatory then you must check that adequate support for your conservatory roof is provided by the door, in order to avoid damage. Most conservatory door systems are designed to support the bifold doors these days. Just be mindful of the maximum door width aperture as this will dictate conservatory style.

Style of Bifold Doors: After the door aperture has been determined, you can move on to select the best door style that suits your requirements. During the colder months, hinged traffic doors are a good option as they give single door access. Traffic doors also provide external handles and key locking. When security is a top priority you can also look at different handle options.

Material Choice: Bifold doors are available in a choice of materials and finishes and colours, you will be amazed at the choices available. The real wood grain look is hard to tell from the real thing!

Threshold height: This is often a very important factor for new conservatories as most of the bifold doors provide low thresholds. However, some low threshold options may not be as weather proofif your property is prone to water accumulation / flooding.

Adding bi-folding doors to your conservatory can open up a new living space but ensure that everything has been considered by a professional as short cuts can spoil your experience.

How to make the most of your space with a new conservatory

15th May 2015

A conservatory is the perfect choice if you want to extend the floor space of your home, but don’t want to lose too much garden. The way a conservatory merges the two can feel like the best of both words: an extra room that can be used for just about anything, and yet feels like part of the outdoors.

A beautiful new conservatory can be a lovely spot to enjoy the garden at any time of year, and its greenhouse like qualities make it good for growing all kinds of plants that might not survive outside.

Tips for getting the best from your conservatory:

When you are planning your new conservatory think carefully about how the space will be used and make sure it fulfils those requirements:

Blinds – conservatories can be made very comfortable for every kind of use with a good blinds system. This can help you regulate the temperature on sunny days, and will provide privacy if you plan on using it as a home gym, guest sleeping area, or for dining in the evening.

Heating and humidity – investing in a system for heating and controlling humidity that is specifically meant for conservatories will ensure the space is always comfortable and will encourage its use at any time of year.>

Furnishing – by fully designing and equipping your conservatory with comfortable and practical furniture you can make it a special place for people to relax or partake in activities.

Give it a purpose – make sure your conservatory is included in everyday use by equipping it as a dining room, a quiet lounge, or a garden room.

Find the right conservatory with the right conservatory company

Mainstream Windows provide a design and installation service that is tailored to your needs and guaranteed to offer value for money on your new conservatory.

Guide to Conservatory Windows Blinds and Designs

22nd December 2014

A conservatory is often considered as an additional room which can add an elegant look to the home. It is made using glass roofs and walls. For many home owners it acts like a sunroom giving a flexible living space to any size house. They can come in many different styles and sizes.

Conservatory Types and Designs:
There are many different designs and types of conservatories. When choosing a Conservatory, it’s important to select a type that suits the style or shape of your house. Here are some of the most popular types of conservatories chosen by many homeowners. These are:

Conservatory Types and Designs

ConservatoryVictorian Style Conservatory:

A Victorian Conservatory is the most popular design that suits all residential buildings. Whether it is the existing house or a new building, this style is very well suited. It covers a bay front, a steep pitched roof and elaborative ridge work making it look elegant.

Victorian-ConservatoryEdwardian Style Conservatory:

An Edwardian Conservatory is similar to the Victorian style. The only difference is they are rectangular in shape and can add more space to small homes.


Lean to Style Conservatory:

These types of conservatory designs have a downward sloping roof and often look more advanced than an Edwardian or Victorian style. These types of conservatories are very flexible, simple and make good use of ground space and giving a contemporary feel. These are timeless and easy to install.


lean-to-conservatoryGable Style Conservatory:

A Gable Conservatory is different from the Georgian style. It normally has a high and flat roof rather than the sloping roof of the lean to conservatory.


Bespoke Conservatories:

These are simply the best conservatories that are individually designed to individual’s need. These could be the perfect blend or combination of several styles. To perfectly fit the requirement of every homeowner.


Conservatory Windows and Blinds:

A Conservatory can feel unfinished if it is missing finishing touches such as custom made blinds. These can act as a safe guard for the conservatory during winters or summers. They are userfriendly and easy to install. The blinds come in roller, vertical or Venetian designs, based on the consumer’s requirement.

Conservatory Maintenance Tips:

Continual maintenance of your conservatory is an important task that should be carried out by every homeowner.
Here are our top tips:

  1. Ensure to clean the glass with an good quality of glass cleaner. Avoid using an abrasive cleaner that could damage the glass.
  2. Use mild detergent cleaners, which do not damage the anti-corrosion properties of the surface coatings.
  3. Make sure that drainage slots are unblocked and free from dirt. It is advisable to not to use excessive pressure when cleaning the UPVC doors.
  4. Replace damaged or broken parts of the conservatory with original parts.
  5. It is advisable to wash down the UPVC doors with warm soapy water.

Advantages of Adding Conservatory to your home

  1. A Conservatory adds an extra room to the house giving you more options to extend your living space.
  2. Adding a conservatory to your home will allow you to enjoy more natural light.
  3. Conservatory can add value to your home.
  4. Many people use conservatories to add a dining room to their home where they don’t already have one.

Double Glazing

9th June 2014

What are the advantages of triple glazing over double glazing?

If you are replacing your windows and looking for the best option, why not consider triple glazing to reduce noise, increase thermal efficiency and improve security?

There are many ways you can make you windows more efficient and along with considering the frames and space between the panes, triple glazing in an option. The three main indicators you should looking at when making a decision are:

Thermal efficiency: how effective are the windows at keeping heat in and cold out (or vice versa on those rare hot days);

Noise reduction: this can be a key consideration for people who live near busy roads, under flight paths, near schools or in any other noisy area;

Security: windows constitute a weak point in any home and should include design measures to keep your property secure.

Triple glazing has been proved to be more effective than double glazing in all three of these areas, providing an excellent level of performance that is currently unmatched in the market.

Mainstream Windows can provide triple glazed windows and with our superb selection of units, we know we can find the right windows for you. Double glazing and triple glazing has often been associated with upvc installations, but we can create wooden or aluminium frames to your specification – great for period homes or listed buildings where you want to keep the original look and comply with regulations, but also need high performance windows!

If you want to find out more about the benefits of double glazing, or the improved performance of triple, why not give us a ring. Our staff will be happy to answer any questions you have and are able to provide information specific to your requirements.

With over 20 years providing windows and conservatories for customers in your area, we are the double glazing company you can trust for supply and installation.

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