A brief history of double glazing

The dilemma of how to retain heat in thermally inefficient homes has plagued engineers for aeons. History has recorded that the Romans were the first to try and invent an early form of double glazing over two thousand years ago. Some also claim that the Scots invented double glazing in Victorian times to counter the […]

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Three practical uses for conservatories

For over four decades the people of Birmingham have been enjoying the many benefits that come with having a conservatory fitted at their homes. What was once a luxury indulgence for the wealthy has now become a cost-effective method for extending your property and negating the need to move somewhere more substantial. As a thriving […]

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Things to Consider While Opting Bifold Doors for your Conservatory

Bifold doors also known as sliding or folding doors, serve as good alternative to French doors for your conservatory as they provide wider opening and create a more luxurious experience. When opened fully these doors provide you an option to merge garden with your conservatory. If you choose them for your conservatory then you should […]

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