All about double glazing

All about double glazing

Doors and windows are an integral part of the home – they insulate and protect us from both the elements and thefts alike.

Most homes lose 10% of their heat through the doors and windows of their property. As a result of this, people have to pay more for their heating bills. Installing energy efficient double glazing products will reduce wasteful heat loss and keep your home warmer for longer periods of time. There are usually two panes of glass with a gap between them, which acts as an insulating barrier to slow down heat loss in the home.

To improve insulation further, one can use triple glazed windows and in doing so you are not only reducing your energy bills further, you are also sound proofing the house from traffic or other outdoor noise pollution. Once you have installed thiple glazing, it is hard to go back to more conventional glazing systems!

Using double glazing or triple glazing windows and doors, is one of the easiest ways to improve comfort and energy efficiency in your home. Mainstream Windows provide a broad range of high performance double glazing products that help your home meet or exceed the latest energy efficiency standards.

Benefits of double glazing

  • Double glazing will reduce costs of heating in your home and therefore improve the carbon footprint of your home.
  • Levels of noise in your home can also be reduced with special glass types and designs.
  • Many existing homes have problems with condensation inside their windows during winter. Double glazing will help to eliminate this condensation problems.
  • Double glazing in the older homes will improve the safety of your windows and doors compared to older security systems.
  • Using special laminated glass in your double glazed windows will further improve security.
  • Double glazing windows and doors will increase the value of your property as prospective buyers always deduct required work from the asking price or may even be put off the purchase altogether.

How does it reduce heat loss?

A single glazed window pane is directly in contact with the warm air inside and the cold air outside the home, so the pane conducts the heat from inside to the outside of the home. The combination of the two results in condensation. Single paned glass also results in heat loss from the home. The Insulation properties of double glazing come from the small space between the glass panes. The inner pane is not in direct contact with the cold outer pane, so it reduces heat loss by conduction.

How does it reduce condensation?

The appliances we use and body heat create moisture in the home. This moisture, then conducts heat to the window resulting in water droplets. However, with double glazing windows, the inner pane is almost as warm as the air in the house and that results in next to no moisture being created. When double glazing is installed, there is much improved thermal insulation, creating a warmer, drier, healthier home.

How does it reduce noise?

Sound that travels in the form of waves and when it hits a single glazed window, it will vibrate the pane, which results in noise.

Double glazing units are designed to disrupt sound wave vibrations passing through glass. The glass panes absorb the sound waves, resulting in less sound getting through.

Many of us live in busy areas / are subject to more traffic than previously and double glazing definitely helps give you a more tranquil life.

Increasing Security

It is well known fact that a burglar targets windows to break into your home. Double glazed windows are harder to break open up from the outside, so your security is definitely enhanced by fitting them, they also come with multipoint locks to further secure your home.

If you are looking for specific designs / styles for your home, we have a fantastic selection for you – from traditional to modern designs. We have something to suit all budgets and tastes.