Double Glazing

Double Glazing

What are the advantages of triple glazing over double glazing?

If you are replacing your windows and looking for the best option, why not consider triple glazing to reduce noise, increase thermal efficiency and improve security?

There are many ways you can make you windows more efficient and along with considering the frames and space between the panes, triple glazing in an option. The three main indicators you should looking at when making a decision are:

Thermal efficiency: how effective are the windows at keeping heat in and cold out (or vice versa on those rare hot days);

Noise reduction: this can be a key consideration for people who live near busy roads, under flight paths, near schools or in any other noisy area;

Security: windows constitute a weak point in any home and should include design measures to keep your property secure.

Triple glazing has been proved to be more effective than double glazing in all three of these areas, providing an excellent level of performance that is currently unmatched in the market.

Mainstream Windows can provide triple glazed windows and with our superb selection of units, we know we can find the right windows for you. Double glazing and triple glazing has often been associated with upvc installations, but we can create wooden or aluminium frames to your specification – great for period homes or listed buildings where you want to keep the original look and comply with regulations, but also need high performance windows!

If you want to find out more about the benefits of double glazing, or the improved performance of triple, why not give us a ring. Our staff will be happy to answer any questions you have and are able to provide information specific to your requirements.

With over 20 years providing windows and conservatories for customers in your area, we are the double glazing company you can trust for supply and installation.