Double Glazing Installers in Birmingham

Double Glazing Installers in Birmingham

At, Mainstream Double Glazing, we understand a thing or two about double glazing installation. Since 1988 we have traded as a FENSA registered company manufacturing and fitting uPVC windows and doors in and around Birmingham. Over that time, our team of directors and fitters have honed their skills and knowledge so they can deliver a first-class service every time. And we also understand that people can remain apprehensive about having surveyors and fitters at their home. So, we’ve put together a brief description of how double glazing in Birmingham works.

Surveying the aperture

You’ve chosen your style of window, maybe Georgian Bar, and opted for triple glazing to increase the thermal efficiency of your windows. Once all the details are final, we will arrange for a surveyor to check the aperture where the new window will be installed, including the brickwork and lintel. They will also determine whether a sub-sill will be needed and if there are any impediments for the planned openings of the windows. They will then ensure a smooth and square fit by taking accurate measurements of the width, height and diagonally across the aperture. By getting this stage right, it makes the whole process a lot more straightforward.

uPVC Window Installation in Birmingham

The big day has arrived. You’ve waited patiently for your new windows and now our fitters will arrive prompt and ready to work. The first task at hand is to make sure they have clear access to the area in which they will be working. Any items that require moving they will be carefully removed by our fitters if you wish, and then they will prepare the area with a dust sheet to contain any debris and dust. Some windows, especially those that have been in situ for a long time such as sash windows, reveal a lot of grime when removed. It comes out black, and you don’t want it on your carpets or upholstery.

The fitters will remove the old window, taking out the openers first and then sawing through the frame. Aluminium windows or old uPVC will usually unscrew from the concrete. After extraction, the new window will be placed into the aperture and fixed with the best quality bolts. After they have checked the surveyor did their job correctly, and the window is square, they’ll put in the double glazed glass units. All of our glass units are 28mm and comply with the latest British Fenestration Rating Council standards. The fitter will place the glass within the profile of the frame and secure it with either internal or external beads, depending on which security feature you chose.

Adding some finesse

Now the frame and glass are securely fixed; the fitter will apply a silicone sealant between the outer frame and the brickwork to keep it airtight and watertight. They will use a coloured sealant that blends in with the brickwork to create a seamless finish. The inside will feature window trim and sealant that matches the frame.

All that is left is to clean the frames, leave the glass sparkling, vacuum the immediate area and hopefully, thank the customer for the biscuits and tea! When the installation is complete, our team will assess the finished window with you, ensuring your total satisfaction. They can also provide a practical demonstration on any features you have incorporated into your double glazing.

If you have any questions about our double glazed windows or doors or would like a free quote, contact us for an informal chat.