Factors affecting conservatory roof cost

Factors affecting conservatory roof cost

Are you thinking of investing in a new conservatory or having a roof replacement for a current one? Calculating the best route for your budget can be a minefield. Here are some factors which can affect the cost of your conservatory roof to see if it is cheaper than a replacement.

The Conservatory size will affect your spending. More surface area adds to the cost and labour it’s as simple as that.

The style of your Conservatory roof may vary according to the roof design. If you have a single plane lean roof, it will be less expensive and more complex design such as gable, Victorian or Edwardian styles.

Decorative items such as intricate ridges and gutter pipes can increase the cost of the roof. Simple conservatory designs are more affordable but you also add more styling items to the roof according to requirement and budget.

Choose materials carefully for your conservatory roof as it can affect the price. There are different types of frames available such as clear plastic, wood, tinted glass and coloured glass, you can select according to your preference. If you search online you can sometimes find better prices in order to get more for your budget.

The quality of the Conservatory roof is part dependent on the installer. Before choosing an installer ask for a recommendation or look online and check reviews and testimonials. The cheapest quote may not be the best, go for the best your money can buy.