Guide to Conservatory Windows Blinds and Designs

Guide to Conservatory Windows Blinds and Designs

A conservatory is often considered as an additional room which can add an elegant look to the home. It is made using glass roofs and walls. For many home owners it acts like a sunroom giving a flexible living space to any size house. They can come in many different styles and sizes.

Conservatory Types and Designs:
There are many different designs and types of conservatories. When choosing a Conservatory, it’s important to select a type that suits the style or shape of your house. Here are some of the most popular types of conservatories chosen by many homeowners. These are:

Conservatory Types and Designs

Victorian Style Conservatory:

A Victorian Conservatory is the most popular design that suits all residential buildings. Whether it is the existing house or a new building, this style is very well suited. It covers a bay front, a steep pitched roof and elaborative ridge work making it look elegant.

Edwardian Style Conservatory:

An Edwardian Conservatory is similar to the Victorian style. The only difference is they are rectangular in shape and can add more space to small homes.

Lean to Style Conservatory:

These types of conservatory designs have a downward sloping roof and often look more advanced than an Edwardian or Victorian style. These types of conservatories are very flexible, simple and make good use of ground space and giving a contemporary feel. These are timeless and easy to install.

Gable Style Conservatory:

A Gable Conservatory is different from the Georgian style. It normally has a high and flat roof rather than the sloping roof of the lean to conservatory.

Bespoke Conservatories:

These are simply the best conservatories that are individually designed to individual’s need. These could be the perfect blend or combination of several styles. To perfectly fit the requirement of every homeowner.

Conservatory Windows and Blinds:

A Conservatory can feel unfinished if it is missing finishing touches such as custom made blinds. These can act as a safe guard for the conservatory during winters or summers. They are userfriendly and easy to install. The blinds come in roller, vertical or Venetian designs, based on the consumer’s requirement.

Conservatory Maintenance Tips:

Continual maintenance of your conservatory is an important task that should be carried out by every homeowner.
Here are our top tips:

  • Ensure to clean the glass with an good quality of glass cleaner. Avoid using an abrasive cleaner that could damage the glass.
  • Use mild detergent cleaners, which do not damage the anti-corrosion properties of the surface coatings.
  • Make sure that drainage slots are unblocked and free from dirt. It is advisable to not to use excessive pressure when cleaning the UPVC doors.
  • Replace damaged or broken parts of the conservatory with original parts.
  • It is advisable to wash down the UPVC doors with warm soapy water.

Advantages of Adding Conservatory to your home

  • A Conservatory adds an extra room to the house giving you more options to extend your living space.
  • Adding a conservatory to your home will allow you to enjoy more natural light.
  • Conservatory can add value to your home.
  • Many people use conservatories to add a dining room to their home where they don’t already have one.