Things to Consider While Opting Bifold Doors for your Conservatory

Things to Consider While Opting Bifold Doors for your Conservatory

Bifold doors also known as sliding or folding doors, serve as good alternative to French doors for your conservatory as they provide wider opening and create a more luxurious experience. When opened fully these doors provide you an option to merge garden with your conservatory. If you choose them for your conservatory then you should keep the points below in your mind:

Width of Bifold Door: When you have decided to use these doors for your conservatory then you must check that adequate support for your conservatory roof is provided by the door, in order to avoid damage. Most conservatory door systems are designed to support the bifold doors these days. Just be mindful of the maximum door width aperture as this will dictate conservatory style.

Style of Bifold Doors: After the door aperture has been determined, you can move on to select the best door style that suits your requirements. During the colder months, hinged traffic doors are a good option as they give single door access. Traffic doors also provide external handles and key locking. When security is a top priority you can also look at different handle options.

Material Choice: Bifold doors are available in a choice of materials and finishes and colours, you will be amazed at the choices available. The real wood grain look is hard to tell from the real thing!

Threshold height: This is often a very important factor for new conservatories as most of the bifold doors provide low thresholds. However, some low threshold options may not be as weather proofif your property is prone to water accumulation / flooding.

Adding bi-folding doors to your conservatory can open up a new living space but ensure that everything has been considered by a professional as short cuts can spoil your experience.