Three practical uses for conservatories

Three practical uses for conservatories

For over four decades the people of Birmingham have been enjoying the many benefits that come with having a conservatory fitted at their homes. What was once a luxury indulgence for the wealthy has now become a cost-effective method for extending your property and negating the need to move somewhere more substantial. As a thriving Birmingham based manufacturer of conservatories, Mainstream Windows have installed conservatories in homes for all manner of purposes. Below we will run through our top three practical uses for a conservatory.

Dining Room

One of the most popular uses for a conservatory is as a dining room. The installation can be fitted on to the kitchen to create an accessible route through to the conservatory using an archway or patio door. The unmistakable traditional style of an Edwardian or Georgian conservatory works well for a dining room with a rustic wooden table. To imbue that homely feel you can select from several wood grain finishes in uPVC. Soft spotlights can also help create a relaxed family feel around dinner time.

Playroom/Games Room

If your extended nuclear family requires more room for recreational activities, then a conservatory is an ideal space for pool tables, toys and other items to keep your young one occupied. For conservatories that will see a lot of use a lean-to in white uPVC would be the most cost-effective solution for a functional space.


The internet has made it possible for more people than ever to work from home either for themselves or their employer. Remote working requires a dedicated space and a conservatory is a fantastic way to provide this. A stylish and opulent Victorian design with tinted roof glass and a surround lighting system will surely impress any potential clients that visit your home office.